Back in the Greenhouse

Well that was a long 10 days with the greenhouse “out of bounds” for safety reasons. The overhang of snow that was threatening to crash down into the greenhouse from the school roof just melted away quietly over the weekend. Well most of it. Enough to make it safe to go back in. The plants were watered back to health on Tuesday, and barring another crazy blizzard, we should be safe for the rest of the winter. Now it’s just to get used to the view out the windows of the greenhouse – into the snow walls created by the sliding of snow off of the greenhouse!





Greenhouse snowed in!

The MSS greenhouse has been locked up and deemed out of bounds to students and staff while we keep an eye on a massive 5 foot overhang from the roof of the school. The snow drift is hanging off of the roof just over top of the greenhouse. For safety reasons, no one is allowed in the greenhouse until the snow either melts or falls. We hope that the greenhouse isn’t damaged, as we have our spring plants all cozied in for the winter. Hopefully the closure isn’t for long, as the plants do need watering and regular tending.



Niagara Falls field trip – May 27 & 28, 2014

The Niagara Falls field trip forms are available now in the library.  The trip is on May 27 & 28, 2014 and will include visits to the Botanical Gardens, the School of Horticulture, the Butterfly Conservatory, the Floral Showhouse, Centennial Lilac Garden and Floral Clock.  The total cost is $130, including transportation, admissions, hotel and breakfast on Day 2.  There will be opportunities to fundraise in the coming months to reduce your cost – or even go on the trip for free!  Spaces are limited, so get your forms today!

American Falls, January 8, 2014


Putting the shed to bed

We’re racing against the Huronia winter coming this weekend to get the Horticulture Club’s new shed temporarily enclosed for the winter. Painting and final touches will start again in the spring.



The Greenhouse is green again

Many plants have been moved into the greenhouse this fall and now the work of tending to them for the winter begins. We hope to fight the aphids better this year, and perhaps grow some tomatoes or peppers.






Tree Planting at Ste. Marie Park

A group of MSS Math students planted 240 trees on Friday, September 27th, 2013 at Ste. Marie Park on the Wye River. The trees are being added to an existing buffer zone beside the river. The trees were purchased with funds from TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, by the Severn Sound Environmental Association. Further plantings occurred on Thursday and would be completed on Saturday by other community volunteers.

Tree Plant 2013

Tree Plant 2013 041

Tree Plant 2013

Tree Plant 2013

Tree Plant 2013

Tree Plant 2013

Tree Plant 2013 026

Tree Plant 2013

Tree Plant 2013



Tree Plant 2013 015

First tomato in the greenhouse